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The Best Lunch in Burlington, VT

Restaurant in Burlington, VT - 60 Lake St, Burlington, VT 05401

Finding the Best Lunch in Burlington VT

In a city where culture and history mix and mingle together, it’s not difficult to find a plethora of great, local restaurants. Many of the best lunch spots in the city can be found in the downtown area, particularly on the avenue leading up to the towering city hall. You also are likely to find some delicious, fast-casual restaurants near the University of Vermont campus. Of course, no place in the city offers a better lunchtime view than the waterfront, where diners are able to enjoy the sparkling views of Lake Champlain.

Best Place to Lunch in Burlington VT With a Waterfront View

If you want to combine the breathtaking views of Burlington with one of the most delicious restaurants in town, then you will have to make the Skinny Pancake your first stop. Both visitors and locals consider the Skinny Pancake Burlington to be the best place to lunch in Burlington VT with a waterfront view.

On the menu, you will find an array of options. Of course, crepes are the specialty at the Skinny Pancake, and you will quickly see that there are both sweet and savory varieties that include touches of Vermont flavor. If you are looking for a hearty lunch, then you might consider one of the sandwiches or burgers on the menu. No matter what you choose, you will be able to soak up the peace of Burlington as you enjoy your meal along the city’s glittering waterfront.

What's on the Menu at the Best Lunch Restaurants in Burlington

Throughout Burlington, you will see that the best lunch Burlington VT menu will vary from spot to spot.

  • The ever-popular Zabby & Elf’s Stone Soup, has a menu that primarily focuses on artisan sandwiches and fresh, homemade soup. In addition, there is a multicultural restaurant scene in Burlington that brings flavors from around the world to the heart of this small town.
  • Pho Hong is one example — this restaurant specializes in authentic, homemade Vietnamese cuisine.
  • The Skinny Pancake — Offering some of the best views of the Burlington Bay, the Skinny Pancake in Burlington is a favorite among diners of all ages. Featuring all-day breakfast and a vast range of crepes that include Vermont-made ingredients, the Skinny Pancake is the perfect place to visit any time of day.

No matter what time of day it is or what type of meal you are craving, you are sure to find a dining experience to suit your style at one of the best Burlington VT restaurants. Generally, diners will not have a difficult time finding a lunch spot in Burlington that provides them with a filling meal and a restful break during their day.

Get the Best lunch in Burlington, Vermont

Your search for the best lunch spot in Burlington VT stops as soon as you have found the Skinny Pancake at Burlington Waterfront. With its idyllic location and menu packed full of flavor, you and your entire party are sure to find everything that you want and need for lunch. Take your midday meal in style in the cosmopolitan community of Burlington, and enjoy the best lunch in Burlington VT at the Skinny Pancake today at 60 Lake St, Burlington, VT 05401.

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