Best Outdoor Dining in Burlington VT  

Burlington Waterfront

When the waters of Lake Champlain are sparkling in the sunlight, and there’s a warm breeze drifting through the town, you know it’s time to find the best places for outdoor dining Burlington VT. While many restaurants offer patio dining in the lively downtown area, there are only a few that offer waterfront views, making the Skinny Pancake Burlington one of the best places to enjoy outdoor dining near Burlington VT.

Best Outdoor Dining Burlington VT

Outdoor dining in Burlington is incredibly popular, with local residents flooding the patios in the downtown area in order to soak up those fleeting warm weather months. In addition, visitors who are exploring the city love the fact that many of the local restaurants offer dining with patio near me.

Some of the most popular restaurants with outdoor dining near Burlington VT include:

  • Burlington Beer Company — While this taproom may be situated in a building that is more than 120 years old, it’s the patio that takes center stage at this restaurant. Locals love the fact that it’s dog-friendly!
  • Leunig’s Bistro & Cafe — Offering a taste of Paris in the heart of Vermont, this bistro and café offers streetside seating just like those charming Parisian cafés on the Champs-Élysées.
  • The Skinny Pancake Burlington — As one of the few restaurants that offers waterfront seating on a covered patio, the Skinny Pancake Burlington is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Why You Will Love Outdoor Dining Burlington VT

Outdoor dining has become a bit of a tradition in Burlington, with nearly every restaurant trying to offer some sort of al fresco experience. While many of the most popular downtown restaurants have streetside seating and patio areas, there are few that are situated within reach of the Lake Champlain waterfront. At the Skinny Pancake Burlington, you will not only enjoy one of the best meals in the city, but you will get to savor some of Burlington’s most spectacular views as well.

You will love outdoor dining near Burlington VT because:

  • The outdoor dining areas create an unbeatable atmosphere. Not only do the tables on the patio offer incredible views of the city, but the plants and other landscaping elements that are used to decorate the outdoor dining space also add a touch of romance and whimsy to the experience.
  • Outdoor dining often lends itself to a more relaxed meal. In addition to enjoying each bite of your meal, you are also relaxing in the elements and indulging in lingering conversations with your favorite people. It’s hard to resist that second drink or that bite of dessert when you are soaking up the most beautiful moments of the year in Burlington.
  • Al fresco dining is perfect for larger parties. You don’t have to worry about your conversation becoming too loud or boisterous when you are sitting on the patio. These dining experiences are known for their fresh, lively atmospheres, making them a favorite among large families, groups of friends and coworkers.

Dining With Patio Near Me at The Skinny Pancake Burlington

The Skinny Pancake Burlington is known for offering the best outdoor dining Burlington VT. Not only do we have a large and spacious covered patio area that can welcome parties of all sizes, but we also are one of the few restaurants in Burlington that offers uninterrupted views of the Lake Champlain waterfront.

Perhaps one of the best ways to experience our patio is during our brunch, which is quickly becoming famous for being the best brunch in Burlington. With sweet and savory meal options available — and of course, champagne — it’s one of the most idyllic ways to spend a leisurely weekend afternoon.

Enjoy an Al Fresco Meal Anytime of Day at The Skinny Pancake

Featuring a menu crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, the Skinny Pancake is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor dining at any time of the day. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and our menu includes our signature crepes as well as burgers, sandwiches, salads and more, so there’s truly something for everyone.

Visit The Skinny Pancake Burlington VT Today

Situated on the waterfront in the heart of Burlington, The Skinny Pancake Burlington is one of the best places to enjoy dining with patio near me. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can enjoy the meal that you are craving in the spot that you love the most.

Now is the best time to grab your first meal of the summer in Burlington. Visit the Skinny Pancake Burlington VT today.

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