The Best Summer Hikes In Vermont Start and End at the Skinny Pancake

A wooden bridge on the Appalachian hiking trail in Vermont.

The Green Mountain State has long been famous for its winter ski retreats, but there are many who consider hiking to be one of the best activities to enjoy in Vermont. Its lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls and spectacular mountain views make the walking trails and hikes in Vermont particularly enjoyable.

Whether you are an avid hiker or a novice adventurer who wants to try out a new trail, you will find that the Vermont hikes are unbeatable. Start your day with a nourishing meal at the Skinny Pancake, and then begin your next unforgettable Vermont adventure.

Your Guide to the Best Hikes in Vermont

Whether you are searching for winding trails along the river’s shore or a rugged trail that offers mountain views, you will find exactly what you need on the best Vermont hikes. Throughout the state, there are hiking trails that wind through the Green Mountains and within the valleys, allowing you to soak up the true beauty of this breathtaking state.

Best Hikes Near Quechee

The Quechee Gorge is one of the most famous natural landmarks in Vermont, but most visitors take the easy way out — they simply stop on the Route 4 bridge and snap a picture. However, you would be remiss if you simply made the gorge a photo stop on your Vermont adventure, as Quechee is home to one of the best Vermont hikes.

Considered to be the top hiking trail in Vermont, the Quechee Gorge Trail is a trail that appeals to beginner hikers as well as experienced adventurers. The trail is an easy, relatively flat trail that winds along the edge of the Ottauquechee River for about a mile before you arrive at the bottom of the gorge. Once you reach your destination, you will enjoy unparalleled views of the waterfall as well as the dam overlook, allowing you to enjoy a scene that you won’t soon forget.

Best Hikes Near Stowe

Views from the top of Mt. Mansfield in Stowe, Vermont of the surrounding Green Mountain State Park in Stowe, Vermont.  Stowe, Vermont is a town in northern Vermont known for skiing and year round outdoor activities.

Stowe is primarily known as a ski resort town, but in the summer, it transforms into a hiker’s dream. Boasting an extensive trail system, Stowe has easy, moderate and advanced trails, allowing hikers of all skill levels to find a trail that suits them.

For an easy waterfall hike near Stowe, you might want to consider the Sterling Falls Gorge Trail. Spanning for about half a mile, this Vermont hike is less crowded than other waterfall trails near Stowe, and only takes about 40 minutes to complete, making it a favorite among young families.

The Nebraska Notch/Lake Mansfield Trail is best for experienced hikers, providing an opportunity for a half-day hike that features sweeping views of the valleys below.

Best Hikes Near Montpelier

Montpelier is best known as the capital city of Vermont, but there are still opportunities to enjoy the trails and soak up the state’s natural beauty. Resting just behind the Capitol Building, Hubbard Park provides visitors and locals with a chance to go bird watching along the trails without ever leaving the city. Along the Hubbard Park walking paths, you may spot — and hear — hummingbirds, woodpeckers and warblers.

Best Hikes in Vermont Near Burlington

Built around the shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington is one of the best places in Vermont to experience the state’s serene natural beauty. If you are staying in downtown Burlington, you will find that some of the most accessible trails are located in Oakledge Park, where hikers are particularly fond of the waterfront trail that winds along the shores of the Winooski River. 

Another popular hiking spot near Burlington is Ethan Allen Park, where hikers of all skill levels can embark on the Ethan Allen Tower Trail in order to experience a bird’s eye view of Lake Champlain.

Nourish Yourself Before or After Your Hike — Visit the Skinny Pancake Today

Patio Food

With four locations in Vermont, the Skinny Pancake is able to provide you with a convenient and delicious meal on the day of your hiking adventure. Before you head out to the Quechee Gorge Trail, grab a hearty Vermont breakfast at the Skinny Pancake Quechee, which is conveniently located on the route toward the trail. 

If you happen to be spending time in Burlington, you can enjoy one of the best Vermont hikes before enjoying your evening meal on our waterfront outdoor patio.

Regardless of where you are or the type of adventure you have planned, you are sure to find exactly what you are craving at the Skinny Pancake. Visit one of our Vermont locations today, and fuel your body, mind and spirit in preparation for your hiking adventure.

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