Celebrating 20 Times Around The Sun

Dearest Pancakia, Benjy here.

WOW. TWENTY YEARS AGO this week Pancakia was born and what a long strange trip it’s truly been… 🎂

The Skinny Pancake spent its first four years as a cart on The Church Street Marketplace. Legend has it we almost lost our license for having too much fun busking alongside the crepe-making in our second season out there. Luckily, Burlington let us stay. 😉

In 2006 we borrowed our first commercial kitchen from Nectars. The following year, 2007, Main Street Landing took a big chance on us and the first Skinny Pancake storefront was born on the Burlington Waterfront. The burden of opening this first 1200 square foot location stressed me out to the point of me coming down with shingles!

The adventure continued on from there with a cart, a restaurant, and a traveling festival crew that went as far as West Virginia in 2008. Ever since then, we’ve stuck to the northeast…

In 2009, we opened in Montpelier in the former Ben & Jerry’s shop on Main St. The sophomore album is always scary, but thank goodness, we survived.

The fun continued. We launched a commissary/The Chubby Muffin (RIP) in 2010.  2012 we took a big leap and opened at BTV International Airport. In 2016, we opened at Stowe Mountain Resort and University of Vermont. In 2018 we opened in Quechee. In 2020, deep in the pandemic, we opened in downtown Stowe and most recently in 2021 we opened in Albany, NY

Amidst all that, we’ve managed to take on some amazing “extra” projects: The Eat x Northeast Food Festival, The Local Motive docu-series on Vermont PBS, and most recently, the ShiftMeals program which led into VT Everyone Eats!

We still have a long way to go at The Skinny Pancake. I hope we’re not even half way done. There are no words to appropriately express my gratitude to the people on this journey with me and to the guests who allow us to learn about life through this business. Thank you for supporting The Skinny Pancake through all these years. Here’s to another 20 years of growth, discovery and crepes.

-Benjy Pancake

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