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Howdy Folks,

The first “skinny pancake” ever was served from our Church Street Cart during the 2003 Burlington Discover Jazz Fest. Just about 18 years later to the day, our Church Street Cart headed out on the marketplace this past weekend to help celebrate this year’s festival. In our world, BDJF usually marks the “official” start of summer music. This year, Jazz Fest seems to be heralding in the return of live music as we used we know it.

While crepes are very much our raison d’etre, music is an essential part of our DNA. From the early days of that aforementioned crepe cart, we’d invite musicians to busk beside us as we spun Nutellas and Heartbreakers. Before we made the jump into a brick and mortar restaurant, phase 2 of the Skinny was taking our show on the road to music festivals across the Northeast. When we finally opened that flagship location in Burlington, we prioritized space for touring and local musicians over an extra table or two for dining guests, bringing live music into our space nearly every weekend for a decade plus. 

When COVID-19 and the social distancing of it all hit last year, we brought our live music program to a full stop. It is true what they say, though, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Gosh, we miss live music. 

Two Saturdays ago, we managed to scratch that live music itch by bringing The VT Bluegrass Pioneers to our Downtown Stowe location. It wasn’t an 8-piece funk band on the Burlington Waterfront, a 4th of July Grateful Dead tribute, or our own full-throated festival, but it was something. And dang, it felt good. 

Over the years, it’s been a bit of a balancing act to find where our love of music fits within the world of a crepes. Spoiler alert: we have no idea. But we do know there are few better ways to gather our community together than through crepes and music. 18 years after that first Jazz Fest crepe, we’ll keep finding ways to merge the two. 

As the live music scene in Vermont re-awakens, we’ll be dipping our crepe battered whirly gigs into the mix. What that means for our restaurant stages this summer…we’ll see. But until then, we’ll just be enjoying the tunes. 

See ya out there.

-Benjy Pancake

This Week in Pancakia

Beans & Greens

Beans & Greens, the newest of our savory sides.

VT Bean Crafters Yellow Eyed, Kidney, and Garbanzo beans are tossed with shredded kale and a light honey dijon dressing.

This side is refreshing. It’s for those warm weather moments when you want the crunch of a bean with the freshness of a green. Or those moments when you skipped lunch and you know one crepe won’t be enough, but two crepes would be too much. Beans & Greens: that’s the solution.

⁠This side is available alongside the now-familiar Beets & Sweets at the Burlington Waterfront, Quechee, and Montpelier Skinny’s.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! ⁠

Downtown Stowe- We’ve Got More Hours For Ya!

We know. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get the crepe you’ve been craving all day at the hour of the day you want it.  

While we aren’t ready to make the plunge in 24/7 dining, we’re ready to bring out Downtown Stowe location into the 4-meal a day world the Skinny is known for, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

 And to do that, we are expanding our service hours. Starting today, our 454 Mountain Rd Downtown Stowe location will be open 8am-3pm Sunday-Wednesday, and 8am-9pm Thursday-Saturday. 

Yes, you read that right!


Hopefully, more hours expansions to follow here and elsewhere in Pancakia soon.

Blueberry Pie

We’re heading into the summer while still trying out potential new menu items across Pancakia, and this Blueberry Pie is the latest contender. 

It may feel like this should have most definitely been on the pan-Pancakia menu for a long time – and it kind of has.

It’s been a solid seller at our Downtown Stowe location under the name “Blueberry Crisp” for a while now, and different variations of this blueberry/crepe combo have found their way on SP menus over the years. 

Warm blueberry compote made with Sweet Roots Farm blueberries, and house-made toasted streusel all on top of a  sweet frumpled crepe,  topped with powdered sugar and served with a side of Wilcox Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Picnic on our Patio

Back when we opened the Quechee Skinny P, we were told an interesting tidbit: the nearby Quechee Gorge is the second most visited tourist destination in Vermont.

We’ve never fact-checked this or looked up the first (we’re guessing Ben and Jerry’s?), but it sounds true enough to us.

 Speaking of facts: Quechee’s patio got a bit of a boost this Spring and is now filled with some fresh picnic tables. 

Everyone wants to “have a picnic” after this scenic Gorge visit, but does anyone really want the fuss of packing, cooking, and cleaning? Let us deal with the fuss!

Take your “Gorge-ous” pic, hop in the river for a dip, then swing on by for the SP’s picnic scene. Before you know it, the Quechee Skinny will be the 3rd most visited tourist destination in Vermont ?

Hello June! 

Spruce Peak is looking a lot more green than we’re used to…

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