The Skinny: Expanded Hours; Spruce Peak Re-Opens; Pomykala Farm

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Howdy folks, 

And happy summer solstice! We made it. We are writing to you within the “heart of the artichoke” of summer–between this official start of the season and July 4th–hoping you will join us in soaking up all the goodness there is to be had right now.

Stoic philosophy taught an interesting technique for generating gratitude: stop for just one moment a day to picture losing whatever you hold dearest. In doing so, they proffered, you will substantially increase your appreciation for all that you love, but too often take for granted. While it was for much longer than a single moment, the pandemic forced that practice onto communities all the world over. Exiting the pandemic, the gratitude for the everyday things that we took for granted is on full display. Whether it’s walking into a coffee shop without a mask, going to a live music performance, or just hugging a friend, the energy in the air and the smiles of relief on folks’ faces tells the story of this collective gratitude. 

As the pandemic passes, we find ourselves asking, “How do we maintain that sense of gratitude for the goodness in everyday life? How do we ensure we don’t take for granted the simple pleasures in life that were so abruptly stalled in March 2020?” 

Of course, we are just simple crafters of the crepe…not philosophers, pundits or experts in mindfulness…so this “deep thought by Benjy Pancake” may be best left for all of us to ponder, rather than to answer here and now. In the meantime, we are so very grateful to welcome y’all back to The Skinny Pancake, free of masks and social distancing and ready to celebrate the simple pleasures of eating, drinking and communing with friends.


With gratitude,

-Benjy Pancake

The Downtown Stowe Skinny is now open for dinner!

It’s as official as official gets, Downtown Stowe will be open for dinner 5 nights/week starting Wednesday 6/30 and in the meantime, dinner is available this week Thursday-Saturday PMs ’till 9 at night

That’s dinner Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. That also means if you are a die-hard Skinny P fan, you could have 4 meals/day, 5 days/week at the Stowe ‘cake. Thats 20 crepes or burgers or salads, or paninis, or poutines. We think. We do crepes, not math.

Ok- you get the point. 

Sorry – we’re just excited to be able to providing you more crepe-ortunities by bringing this location in line with the rest of Pancakia by offering the 4 key meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. 

P.S. this Garden Caprese special is delish

Montpelier Specials

Since the March revamp of their menu, Montpelier has been cranking out all different kinds of smoothies via specials, and have been trying out new flavors of “fritters” weekly. 

This time around, Kitchen Manager Chris Morris decided to whip up the Peachy Keen smoothie, Summer Salad, and Strawberry Lemon Fritters. 

Peachy Keen ?is a blend of peaches, cherries, Cabot yogurt, house-made lemonade and Vermont maple syrup. Here on this side of the solstice, it’s a real treat for when you can’t imagine eating another creemee.

If you’re looking to eat rather than sip your seasonal fare, give the summer salad a try. A mix of local greens with fresh Pomykala Farm strawberries, Vermont Creamery chèvre, house-made crepe chips and  topped with our maple-pesto vinaigrette. ?

Last but certainly not least from our VT capital Skinny, are the Strawberry Lemon fritters, or what we think of as the Skinny P’s version of donut-holes. Deep-fried goodness topped with a sweet glaze. Perfect for…literally every time of day or night ?

Quechee Specials 

If you’ve ever found yourself at Vermont’s southern-most Skinny P, then you may have noticed that duck often finds its way on their specials menus. 

Quechee Kitchen Manager, Sam Jones, LOVES duck and this week he’s found yet another way to work it into a crepe.

Meet the Peking Style Duck Crepe, a sesame scallion crepe stuffed with house-made peking inspired duck breast,  matchstick vegetables, and hoisin sauce then served with house-made coleslaw and toasted sesame seeds. 

This crepe is another example of why we love when our staff put their heads together to come up with specials of their own choosing. We see see the crepe as an empty canvas for any artist to paint the palette of their choosing. It’s always a pleasure to see what their creativity yields. 

P.S here too – Quechee will be expanding their dinner hours to include Tuesday and Wednesday evenings next week as well!

Spruce Peak is BACK

Yes, you are reading that right – The Skinny at Spruce Peak is back at it after a Spring hiatus.

Stowe is increasingly becoming a 4-season destination with a lot more to do than just winter activities, and Spruce Peak has been working hard to make itself a center of that energy. The S(pruce) P(eak) S(kinny) P(ancake) will be open all summer, Fridays 11-3, Saturday and Sunday 8-3. 

Indoor and outdoor seating is available with beautiful views of both Spruce Peak and the beloved Mt. Mansfield for all those to enjoy a crepe while soaking it all in. 

Stop by in between your trips to Bingham Falls, hikes around Sterling Pond, or while enjoying one of Spruce Peak’s own events this summer.

Local Producer Highlight: Pomykala Farm! ?

Last week our Social Media Coordinator, Maddie Hayes, met up with Ben Pomykala of Pomykala Farm up in Grand Isle to learn more about where all of our basil is coming from. ⁠

In 1977, Ben’s parents Jane and Bob bought the land that would later grow into what Pomykala Farm is today. They built a huge garden and slowly but surely expanded from there leading to an extensive variety of fruit, herbs, and vegetables. While they have a considerable 70 acres on the islands to care for, they only have 7 employees during the busiest seasons and 0 in the winter as their operation (like many in Vermont) relies heavily on the weather.  ⁠⁠

This year, Pomykala became the sole producer of the basil for our homemade pesto. We buy the hand-picked basil in bulk where it is then cleaned, and tossed into a giant food processor where it is blended with sunflower seeds, garlic, and LOTS of olive oil. (Yes, that also means our pesto is vegan!)⁠

Being shown around with Ben and talking to him about the family farm really opened our eyes more to the impact sourcing local has on our farmers and Vermonters. We love sourcing local, and continue to look for ways to be even more “local” than the 69.8% of local ingredients we sourced just last year. ⁠⁠

Thank you, Ben and the rest of the Pomykala crew for having us, for growing, picking, and sending us copious amounts of produce, and for continuing to contribute to VT’s foodshed. ⁠

Pomykala produce is available at their farmstand, through wholesale, and at various farmers markets & grocery stores throughout VT. Give ’em a try! You’ll be glad you did! ⁠

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