It’s finally here.. CREPE SEASON!

SP Festival Crew

Howdy Folks,

It’s finally here: crepe season.

We are serious proselytizes on the versatility of the crepe. For real: the crepe can do anything, and be anything, all year round – a genuine tabula rosa so to speak. But given that The Ol’ Skinny P began as an outdoor street cart, there’s something about being able to get back outside and sling crepes in the great outdoors that makes our favorite food product just a little more special. 

And that season starts now. An early warmth here in the Northeast has helped kick off our season with a little extra oomph – bringing throngs of joyful and hungry crepe eaters to our first two festivals of the year: Albany’s Tulip Fest and Winooski’s Waking Windows. And man oh man after a few COVID-abbreviated summer festivals seasons, that felt awesome.

We continue this season’s return to form with a trip to the Berkshires next weekend for Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival. We CANNOT wait to get back to that one, and the fun goes on from there right up until October. There are things we love about serving crepes in each and every capacity, and being able to fill someone’s belly right before they head out to dance to their favorite band in the sweet summer sun is a special feeling for both the giver and receiver. Hope to see y’all out there on tour!

Here’s Whats Happening Around Pancakia:

Skinny Pancake employees out on Green Up Day

Green Up Day!

The first week in May is Vermont’s Beloved Green Up Day, and is always a day worth celebrating.

For those not in the know, the first official Vermont Green Up Day was held on April 18, 1970-  a time of “green-ing up” in general across the country, and Vermont was certainly at the forefront of that. In 1979, Green Up Vermont became a non-profit organization that expanded into the powerful celebration and holiday of community clean up that it now is! 

Green Up Vermont celebrated it’s 52nd year with over 24 million lbs of litter and 450,000 tires collected from Vermont roadsides and waterways! We at Skinny P encouraged our community and staff to mobilize and help with this amazing community effort. 

Skinny Pancake offered all staff 2 hours of paid time to participate in Green Up Day. Though it may not be our litter,  Vermont needs our help to stay beautiful!

Fiddle Head Special for May at Quechee SP

Welcome Spring – Welcome Ramps!

Ramps are a wonderful harbinger of spring and one of the first fresh greens of the season. Sometimes called wild leeks or wild onions, this plant hits close to home here in Vermont, being the namesake for the mighty Winooski River, as well as the city of Winooski (meaning land of the wild onion in western Abenaki language). What are these tasty forageables you ask?

Ramps are wild onions that grow across the eastern US and Canada.  It’s found in the forest, usually in damp soil in depressions, along the bluffs of old streambeds, or in places where floods normally deposit river sediment. As ramp seekers will often tell you, head out to the woods, and the spot where the sun shoots through the trees will usually have ramps on the end of it. 

On the culinary side of things, ramps can be a fresh and foraged alternative to onions, scallions, or even garlic. Pickled ramps are also a great way to extend the season, and even make a great martini garnish. Here in Pancakia, we’ll be taking our ramp harvests and batching out some ramp pesto to freeze and enjoy throughout the year. 

PS – if you take to the woods to harvest your own ramps, please do so sustainably!!!

Intervale Center

Intervale Conservation Nursery Turns 20!

Burlington’s beloved Intervale Center has led a community revolution for over 30 years, and it’s Conservation Nursery turned 20 this month! The Nursery has planted over 400,000 trees since 2002 and completed countless planting, stewardship, and invasive species removal. That’s thousands of acres of new forests springing up across Vermont, contributing to cleaner air and waterways ?

Founded in 1988, the Intervale Center  manages a 360-acre campus of farmland, trails and open space along the Winooski River in Burlington, VT. The Intervale Center works across Vermont to enhance farm viability and land sustainability, and more broadly serve as a model for food and farming organizations throughout the world. 

We’ve had a long relationship with our pals at the Intervale, from supporting and vending at their annual Summervale, to our more recent partnership with ShiftMeals and collaboratively running an Everyone Eats hub. As Spring gives way to Summer, we can’t wait to find ourselves back at Summervale this season!

P.S. – to learn more about the Intervale’s origin and what founder, Will Rapp, is doing on his next piece of farmland, check out this recent 7Days Article.

SP Festival Crew

Hiring Summer Staff!

The Skinny Pancake is hiring seasonal staff for our busy Summer Season across ALL LOCATIONS!

Our team is a great mix of seasoned professionals and those new to the scene of cooking/serving – all focused on putting tasty food in people’s bellies! We offer competitive pay, great benefits, and a reliable quality of life.

New for this season, we are NOW OFFERING A 2% REVENUE SHARE FOR ALL BACK OF HOUSE EMPLOYEES! That means line cooks, prep cooks and dishwashers will all get paid more when we’re busier. This program has boosted wages across locations including an additional $6/hr at our Airport location!

We’re on a mission to change the world by building a safer, healthier, and more delicious food shed while creating everyday enjoyment that is fun and affordable. Please join us.

To apply, email us at [email protected] or⁠ browse all job openings on our website at

Wild Ramps: the holy grail of wild edibles 

Locally foraged wild ramps

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