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Outdoor Dining In Albany at the Skinny Pancake

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As New York’s capital city, Albany has long been known for its stately charm and sophisticated atmosphere. At any given time of day, the streets are filled with tourists looking to learn more about the city’s past, while locals buzz around town with a sense of purpose and determination.

In recent years, restaurants with outdoor seating in Albany have become increasingly popular, as diners of all tastes and preferences seek to enjoy the leisurely pace of an al fresco meal.

Knowing where to find outdoor dining in Albany, NY can help you decide on the best place to eat during your next visit to the city.

Where to Find Outdoor Dining in Albany, NY

Albany may be the capital city of New York, giving it a sense of prestige, but it’s also known for its small town atmosphere. Locally-owned restaurants define the downtown area, and many of the top restaurants in Albany feature outdoor dining spots.

Whether you are looking for a breakfast on the patio before you start your day in Albany, or you want to wind down with dinner and drinks while soaking up the views of the city, you will find that there are plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating in Albany.

These are the best spots for outdoor dining in Albany, NY:

The Skinny Pancake Albany

Crepes, Burgers, Beer

Ideally located at the corner of North Pearl and Steuben Street, the Skinny Pancake Albany is one of the most convenient and accessible places to eat in downtown Albany. At the Skinny Pancake, not only will you find an eclectic menu crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, but you also will discover one of the best patio dining spots in Albany.

Just outside the doors of the restaurant is an elevated downtown patio, with plenty of seating for guests who want to enjoy an outdoor dining experience in the heart of the city. Unlike many other restaurants with patio dining in Albany NY, the Skinny Pancake serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, giving you a chance to enjoy every meal of the day outdoors.

City Line Bar & Grill

Outside the downtown area, City Line Bar & Grill is situated on the outskirts of Albany, making it a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Many locals consider it to be a true hidden gem in the community, and they love its relaxed atmosphere, nourishing menu and extensive array of handcrafted cocktails.

It’s the patio dining that truly takes the spotlight at City Line Bar & Grill. Featuring a larger-than-life outdoor fireplace and giant screen TV, this patio is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely meal on a chilly New York evening — and the best spot to catch the game on a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

Iron Gate Cafe

On the perimeter of Center Square you will find Iron Gate Cafe, a locally-owned restaurant that exudes the historic charm that Albany is known for. Diners who want to feel as if they have been whisked away from the stress of the city into a peaceful garden escape will love the picturesque patio that is tucked behind the restaurant. With a menu that features homemade soups and artisan sandwiches, the Iron Gate Cafe is an ideal lunch spot in Albany.

Why More Diners Are Choosing Outdoor Seating Albany

People sit on the patio outdoor dining in Albany, New York State, USA on a summer day.

As more people focus on the dining experience rather than the simple act of eating a meal quickly in a convenient restaurant, outdoor dining in Albany, NY has become more popular and prevalent.

Diners are choosing restaurants with outdoor seating in Albany because:

  • These spots offer an escape from the rigors of daily life in the city.
  • These outdoor dining locales give diners a chance to enjoy a leisurely, relaxed meal.

Patio Dining in Albany, NY: The Skinny Pancake Experience

At the Skinny Pancake Albany, guests are invited to enjoy their meal on our spacious, open-air patio. Slightly elevated and located at the corner of North Pearl and Steuben, this outdoor dining spot gives everyone a chance to watch the city pass by around them as they enjoy a fresh, flavorful meal. Our full menu is served on the patio, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to dine al fresco with us.

Meet Us At The Skinny Pancake Albany Today

Known for its outdoor seating Albany, the Skinny Pancake is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, we can provide you with an excellent meal on our elevated downtown patio at any time of the day.

Come enjoy a meal crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and soak up the vintage charm of Albany from our patio. Visit the Skinny Pancake Albany today.

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