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The Chubby Muffin: A Love Story

In September, 2010, The Chubby Muffin opened its doors at 88 Oak Street in the Old North End of Burlington....


The Curveball of a Lifetime

We wrote this memorial to a great adventure just about a year ago but never shared it. Upon reflecting on...


A Decade of Crepes in the Capitol City

Dear Montpelier, Benjy here. Howdy! Well, we’ve been open and operating in Montpelier for TEN years now. Man, that’s a...


Earth Day 2019: 10% For The Planet

Spoiler Alert: the Earth needs our help. Since 2012, the Skinny has been a member of 1% for the Planet,...


The Skinny Pancake Announces Newest Location!

For Immediate Release April 1st, 2019   The Skinny Pancake Announces New Location on the Moon.   Lunesta Galaxy, Moon...

Breakfast in Vermont


Festi Staff

The Skinny Pancake is looking for energetic, hard-working, music-loving folks to join our summer fair & festival tour! We travel...


FREE Coffee and 50% Off Food For Federal Workers Affected By the Government Shutdown

With a government shutdown and all, our friends at the TSA, FAA, USDA and The National Weather Service have still...


Where Did All Our Strawberries Go?

For the time being, our menus will not include strawberries. As it goes with any business, the costs of doing...


Throwing a Curveball!

A curveball is being thrown next weekend by Vermont’s finest band, Phish, and we are lucky enough to be part...


On 4/22, We’re Donating $422 for Lake Champlain, $4.22 At A Time

This upcoming Sunday, 4/22 is Earth Day. Every day is Earth Day, as far as we’re concerned, but Sunday really...

Breakfast in Vermont


Here’s a Delicious Way You Can Help

  Support the work of Salvation Farms by ordering some Hash Purples! Have you tried these deliciously deep-fried wonders? Hash...


Goodbye Nutella: Why We’re Ditching One of Our Most Popular Ingredients

Howdy folks, We are getting rid of Nutella. Now, before you start throwing crepe batter at me, hear me out…...

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