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Howdy folks,

Writing today to share some exciting news: The Skinny Pancake will be opening later this year in downtown Albany, New York!

We have had a secret crush on the Capital Region for years now. Albany, Troy and the surrounding towns have an enormous amount of pride in place and a deep determination to redevelopment their region. It is an honor to join that effort with our newest location.

We have more to share about ‘why Albany’, but let’s first revisit the bigger ‘why’ here: why more Skinny Pancakes at all? For both direct impact in our buying power and indirect impact in our influence, The Skinny Pancake is committed to growth and thereby to being an example of how to use this oft-broken capitalist system we all live within to build a more just, sustainable and compassionate future. Besides that lofty goal, fate has shouldered us with the heady and hefty burden of awareness that Americans are missing out on the 8th wonder of the world (CREPES!!!). Ignorance may be bliss, but we have taken a bite from the apple and know what the world is missing. So like the Johnny Appleseed of Pancakes, we aim to keep growing Pancakia one creperie at a time.

Now, back to Albany! The area has so many of the cultural elements we love: a healthy local food system in the Hudson Valley, a vibrant music scene, quick access to nature in the ADKs and Catskills – and of course, the sort of community all those things attract. Sound familiar, Vermont?! But wait, there’s more! With a million people in the greater Albany area, the population packs a punch…and yet standing on the streets with locals, we have been amazed by how frequent the ‘hey, so good to see you!’ comments spill forth. Indeed, Albany evokes that tight knit, small town vibe amongst locals that gives us the warm and fuzzies.

The particular location we’re working on is on the corner of North Pearl and Steuben Streets, smack dab in the middle of downtown. The landlords, Redburn Development, are visionaries, having found a way to refurbish the former Kenmore Hotel after 30 years of vacancy. They are bringing a wonderful group of tenants together with whom we’re excited to build a community. The United Way is opening a HUGE non-profit co-working facility upstairs. Our new friends in food, Wizard Burger, recently opened a vegan burger joint next door. And just down the street, Upstate Concert Hall will be bringing a 1200 person music venue online to complement the long running Times Union Center and Palace Theater two blocks in either direction.

Once we open, we’ll be rocking and rolling with our 4-meal a day concept: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Crepes and coffee. Burgers and beer. Between now and then, we’ll be working with local farmers and producers to source the freshest and tastiest stuffings for our crepes, as well as re-igniting our mobile operations squad to feed the masses at breweries, festivals and events around town and beyond.

If you have friends in the Albany area, please spread the word like we spread the batter! The Skinny Pancake will have a home in Albany in just a few short months. We hope everyone there comes to celebrate the Vermont in us as we celebrate the Albany in them.

Yours in pancakes…

-Benjy Pancake

This Week in Pancakia


Two watershed dates on the crepe calendar passed us by this pandemic year with minimal fanfare: Free Crepe Day + a “Grand” Opening of our new Downtown Stowe location

So, when we got a note about participating in Stowe Vibrancy Day over Memorial Day weekend, we decided to why not combine these two celebrations. 

Next Saturday, May 29th, we’ll be slinging free crepes at the SP Stowe from 2-5pm, alongside live music from The VT Bluegrass Pioneers. Gosh, it feels good to be putting together an event again… 
*Crepes will be served outside from our takeout window on the patio. Free Crepe options will be our Choco Nutty and SugarShack.

Apples, Blueberry Compote and Brie

You must have known we had more than just one potential new full-time menu item we’re trying out this next week…

Picture this: you’re sitting on a dock of the bay, watching the tide, *ahem, I mean eating a crepe so light and savory it brings you right back to an old menu standard with a fruity twist. 
For those who have been around for a while, or are just crepe aficionados in general, you’re probably familiar with the Apples & Brie. To make it a bit more fun we tried it with our blueberry compote, and it was a winner.  So much so, that it was a no-brainer to add to the list of potential new menu items.
Sweet Root Farm blueberries made into a compote, Champlain Orchards apples, and creamy melted brie all wrapped up in a savory crepe and served with a side of local greens. 
This one is also available at the Burlington Waterfront, Downtown Stowe, Montpelier, and Quechee. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

Bourbon, Marmalade and Chocolate

 ⁠More new potential full-time menu items? Say no more! Or maybe we should. We’ll go ahead and elaborate for ya. 

The Jaffa Crepe – think Jaffa Cake if you’re familiar with UK cuisine, or just Chocolate, Orange, and our special twist- Bourbon marmalade. 

A chocolate crepe shell filled with Bourbon Marmalade made by Blake Hill Preserves in Windsor using Silo Distillery bourbon and then sprinkled with semi-sweet chocolate chips before being crepe-d up together and ready for your plate. 

Everyone who got to taste this one in our test kitchen agreed- it’s tasty. Now available at the Burlington Waterfront, Downtown Stowe, Montpelier and Quechee, let us know what you think!

GrownTeams Season

The warmth is in the air, the birds are singing, the leaves are growing and so is GrowTeams! 

This year ShiftMeals has added a BIPOC GrowTeam into the mix alongside similar  GrowTeams that were started last year to help restaurant workers learn to grow their own food. 

We encourage those interested in learning how to garden their own food to sign up today! This is your chance to get fresh produce, learn how to tend the land, as well as strengthen your connection to the food system and your community.

Humans of Pancakia Highlight: 
Brittany celebrates 10 years with The Skinny

Britt is the wonder woman of Pancakia. If she can’t do it, it simply can’t be done. As a Food Systems major at UVM, she found her way to the Skinny through our local food mission and hopping aboard as a line cook at the Burlington Waterfront. She crushed many a brunch rush, became Kitchen Manager, Local Foods Coordinator, and currently, the dual role of Mobile Operations and Restaurant Opening Manager. ⁠

10 years is a long time by any measure. However long it is in crepe years, we can’t even count that high. She’s schlepped many a cooler, fixed many broken pieces of equipment, and made many crepe lovers and co-workers smile. Ask anyone who’s ever worked for her or with her: Britt is a straight-up force. ⁠

Britt always says, “crepes taste better outside.” And as it was for many of us, a year without spinning crepes at fairs and music festivals was tough on Britt. We’re stoked to get her back out there this season, feeding the masses in between hula-hoop sessions. When you see her next, give her a high-five. The world of crepes simply wouldn’t be the same without her. ⁠

THANK YOU, Britt! We hope you’re around for the next 10.⁠

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