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Howdy Folks,

And happy summer solstice! The buds of spring have opened up both literally and metaphorically around here. As the threat of the pandemic has begun to wane, the flowers of culture have re-emerged, too. Burlington’s Discover Jazzfest returned to Burlington in full force after a two year hiatus last week. Seeing Lake Champlain Waterfront Park re-activated with live music was a sight to behold. The original Skinny Pancake finally staffed up to our full operating hours and hosted our first full band patio show since March 2020. It was enough to make a crepe artist’s heart melt. (Shout to Japhy Ryder for making the Pancake loud again). 

Early June also marks another trip around the sun for The Skinny Pancake – as our first crepe ever was served during Jazzfest 2003. This month marks nineteen years in the crepe trade. If you’re reading this and find that hard to believe, you can only imagine how we feel. With the big 2-0 coming our way next year…”whoa” is about all we can say.

There are some long shadows out in the world these days. It reaffirms our resilience that despite all that, the seasons turn and the seeds of spring bloom into the sensational harvests of the summer and fall each year. It sure feels good to be grateful witnessing nature and culture open back up here in our world.  

Whether it’s indoors, on the patio or out at an event, we hope to see you somewhere soon around Pancakia…

Here’s Whats Happening Around Pancakia:

Hash Purples Have Returned

Hash Purples!


We’re a creperie. To us, that’s pretty darned unique as crepes aren’t the most ubiquitous food item you’ll find out there. But alas, there have been other menu items that have come to define us over the years, and atop that list has been our beloved Hash Purples. 

Think we’re overstating our case here? When we opened in Albany, NY last December it took about 72 hours for someone to ask us if we were serving Hash Purples there. These being a menu item we’d not served regularly for 2 years in a city 120 miles away from our nearest location. 

Oh, how we love thee, Hash Purples. It brings us great joy to bring these edible violet wonders back to a Pancakia near you. For the uninitiated: shredded beets and carrots, pattied, fried and served with a side of house made ranch. But really, the description does not do these guys justice – just come give ‘em a try :yum:

SP Staff Party 2022! Work Hard, Play Hard

Celebrating Pancakia – Staff Party!

We have few traditions in Pancakia – but our pre-summer Staff Party at The Intervale is one we cling to. 

Each and every year, we staff up for our summer season with new and returning crepe-a-roos, and find there’s no better way to bring them into the fold than a good time gathering at the ol’ Intervale barn. It always surprises us how many of our staff are finding their way to the Intervale for the first time for these parties, and as Burlington’s local food mecca, we love the opportunity to introduce our team to the magic of the Intervale. 

This year the weather (and the bugs) cooperated – bringing us a swell time with live music from Eric George’s Pony Hustle, food from Pingala Cafe’s Broccoli Bar, and Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream. If all 3 of those local treasures are new to you – do yourself a favor and click those links to seek them out!

SP Crepe Cart on Church St. Burlington, VT

CHURCH STREET CART – Back at it Again

If you’ve read this far, you already know that the first Skinny Pancake ever was served during Jazzfest 2003 – and true to our roots, we’ve kept the cart going ever since. This year we’ve even brought back some after hours crepe slinging during the evening Jazzfest shows on Church Street!
Over the years, as the ‘Cake gets bigger, the simplicity of the cart is always a great reminder of where it all began. One cart, one set of double griddles, and wholesome local food, served up one guest at a time. 
This year we’ve got a great crew out there slinging ‘em up, making chit chat with local and traveling crepe lovers alike. And honestly, the chit chat is what we’re all there for. As we’ve always said, come for the crepe, stay for the conversation, ‘cuz there’s no wisdom like the wisdom to be gained from someone making crepes outdoors. If you want to join our cart crew, you can apply here!

SP at Spruce Peak- Stowe Resort, VT

Hiring at Spruce Peak

The Skinny Pancake is hiring seasonal staff for the busy summer season in our Stowe location AT SPRUCE PEAK!

Skinny Pancake at Spruce Peak is located within the greater Spruce Peak Village at Stowe Mountain Resort.

Our team is a great mix of seasoned professionals and those new to the scene of cooking/serving – all focused on putting tasty food in people’s bellies! We offer competitive pay, great benefits, and a reliable quality of life.

New for this season, we are NOW OFFERING A 2% REVENUE SHARE FOR ALL BACK OF HOUSE EMPLOYEES! That means line cooks, prep cooks and dishwashers will all get paid more when we’re busier. This program has boosted wages across locations including an additional $6/hr at our Airport location!

We’re on a mission to change the world by building a safer, healthier, and more delicious food shed while creating everyday enjoyment that is fun and affordable. Please join us.

To apply, email us at [email protected] or⁠ browse all job openings on our website at

Staff enjoy a quiet moment during our party at the Intervale Center.

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