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There’s something magical about sitting down at a fine restaurant and having an edible work of art placed in front of you to enjoy. But there’s something even better about taking your favorite mouthwatering meal back to the comfort of your own home, where you can enjoy each flavorful bite without worrying about etiquette or making small talk with the wait staff.

If you are in the mood for takeout in Quechee, VT, then you are in luck. There are many local restaurants that offer food to go, giving you the flexibility to satisfy your craving and enjoy your meal in any place that you choose.

Reasons to Grab Takeout Food Quechee, VT

Many diners are finding out that carrying out food offers the best of both worlds. When you order food to go to Quechee, VT, you can get the exact meal that you are craving without feeling like you have to dress up and go out for a night on the town.

Here are a few of the top reasons why you should consider getting carry out food in Quechee today:

  1. Takeout food gives you the ability to enjoy a gourmet meal without cooking or cleaning afterward. You get all of the flavor, yet none of the chores.
  2. Food to go gives you more control over your portion sizes. When you are served a larger-than-life plate at a restaurant, you may feel pressured to eat as much as possible. With takeout food, you can enjoy what you want and save the rest for later.
  3. Carryout food gives you more flexibility. You and your friends can each grab a couple meals, and then you can swap and share accordingly.

Best Takeout Restaurants in Quechee, VT

Looking to order food to go? These restaurants offer the best takeout in Quechee:

Public House Pub Quechee

Known as the local meeting place in Quechee, the Public House Pub is a popular restaurant, and it can be hard to grab a seat. If you are in the mood for their food but haven’t made a reservation in advance, you can always order online and get your meal to go. With menu options like the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the PH Mac N’ Cheese, you might have a hard time deciding which meal to get next.

The Public House Quechee, VT

The Skinny Pancake

If you are looking to get food on your way to the Gorge, or on your way home, then the best place to get takeout is The Skinny Pancake. Conveniently located just past the Gorge on Route 4, The Skinny Pancake offers a full menu that includes sweet and savory crepes as well as burgers, sandwiches and savory side dishes. The entire menu is crafted from fresh, local ingredients, allowing you to sample the true flavor of Vermont. Popular items include the Johnny Crepe, Apples and Brie, and Cheesy Chicken Pesto, all of which feature Vermont meat, cheese and fruit.

Lunch in Vermont

Pizza Chef of Quechee

For nearly 30 years, Pizza Chef has been the go-to spot in Quechee for pizza. Of course, its menu consists of tried-and-true pizzeria favorites, but those who are ordering food to go will also find a variety of gourmet pizza options available, like the Chicken Cordon Bleu or the Farm House pizza.

Where to Enjoy the Best Takeout in Quechee

Once you have your takeout food, you have the freedom to bring your meal to any place that you choose. In Quechee, these are some of the best spots to enjoy your to-go meal:

  • The Quechee Gorge — There’s nothing quite as wonderful as dining with a view. When you bring your carry-out food to the Quechee Gorge, you can soak up the most iconic view in Quechee as you enjoy your meal.
  • Quechee Green Park — With its picturesque views and peaceful atmosphere, Quechee Green Park is one of the best places to enjoy a takeout picnic. The green, wooden gazebo in the center of the park offers the shade and shelter that you need for your meal.

Stop By The Skinny Pancake Today

Serving breakfast and lunch daily, as well as dinner on the weekends, The Skinny Pancake is one of the best places to dine in Quechee. Whether you want to savor our warm and inviting atmosphere in the dining room, or you want to take your meal to go so you can enjoy your crepe with a view, you are sure to find something that you love on our eclectic menu.Visit The Skinny Pancake in Quechee today!

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