The Skinny: The Hours Are a Changin’

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Hi folks,

Well…the journey through this pandemic continues as we arrive at the next bend in the road. We started the spring by needing to double our staff in time to serve all the hungry crepe lovers by summer. And, of course, like everyone else in the biz, we found ourselves facing an alarming lack of applicants. Thanks to our intrepid team, we managed to get all of Pancakia open for full operating hours just in time for the swell in summer volume. In order to pull that off, we hired folks new to the industry and trained them as well as we could. And then we trained, trained, monitored, and trained some more – all the while knowing many of these folks were only going to be with us until Mid-August…

That big group of students we hired are now heading back to school. And as anticipated, we saw very few applicants in late July and early August. With the federal unemployment benefits ending on September 6th, amongst other factors, we are just now starting to see an increase in applicants. Alas, it has been too little too late to keep all outlets open for all hours. So…starting this week, several of our outlets will be downshifting our hours of operation. We will keep hiring, but there will be a 3 – 4 week period where we just can’t cover all bases. So please check our website and social media for updates on hours of operation and rest assured we’re going to be doing all we can to get the crepes to people.

We have nothing but gratitude to offer all around. Thank you all for coming out so strongly to support The Skinny Pancake and enjoy a healthy summer in VT. Thank you to our staff who have hustled consistently to keep our operations running smoothly. This pandemic has been a bob and weave from one disruption to the next, like all the others that have come before, we’ll do our best to weather this one. Thanks for understanding as we find our way through.

Take care y’all….

Benjy Pancake

This Week in Pancakia

Are we Hiring? You Bet’cha!

Love crepes? Come join our team!

We offer competitive compensation with benefits, a great group of co-workers, and a safe, reliable workplace. 

Part-time, full-time, and growth roles are available now across Pancakia- let’s talk! 

⁠Send an email to [email protected] to get started. 

Quechee Specials

Specials, Specials & More Specials at Quechee for the next week! 

Johnny’s Southwest Cousin // House-made barbacoa made with Shire Beef, local roasted poblano peppers, and cheddar all tucked into a corn crepe. Topped with jalapeno crema, ranchero, and queso fresco, and served with fresh cilantro-lime coleslaw. ⁠?⁠

Street Corn (Elote) // VT Sweet Corn dusted with a smokey spice blend, then drizzled with jalapeño crema and rolled in queso fresco. Served hot on a skewer over a bed of local greens ??⁠

Brownies In Bed Take Two // A house-made chocolate banana brownie with chocolate chips and salted caramel drizzle all wrapped up in a sweet crepe, topped with a scoop of VT vanilla ice cream, and a side of whipped cream ???

Weekends In Albany

We’ve loved spending the last few weekends in Albany and Guilderland Center at the Farmers Markets showing some of Upstate what we’re made of! 

This weekend we will again be at the Washington Park and Guilderland farmers markets 10 am – 2 pm helping NY folks get their crepe on. 

As the summer comes to a close and fall fast approaches, this will be our final weekend serving crepes in NY until our Steuben St Albany location opening come mid-October. 

(fingers crossed?)

Stay tuned via our Insta for updates on this weekend’s events. 

Church Street, See You Again Next Year!

Yes, you read that right! Our beloved crepe cart is officially closed for the season as we work through staffing shortages and redistribute our efforts as needed. 

But not to worry- we are still spinning crepes at our Burlington Waterfront location with mixed dine-in/take-out hours, at other mobile events around the region, and at all of our other locations. 

Thank You Church Street for another fantastic summer on the block where it all began. We’ll miss you for now, and cannot wait to see what May 2022 looks like! ?

Thank You to Pomykala Farm for taking the time to show our Food Hub Staff where our food comes from!

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