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Howdy Folks,

We are hiring right now. So is everyone else. Maybe you’ve noticed

It is an extraordinary scene on the hiring front these days. Two years ago, before the pandemic, VT had the lowest unemployment rate in the country. The country had the lowest unemployment rate in decades. Two years ago it was significantly easier to hire folks than it is today. 

So what’s going on now? 

Some folks are justifiably concerned about working in public during a pandemic. Others are quick to point to the unemployment insurance coming from the Feds as the root cause. If that’s the case, we’re not complaining. That same “system” has supported us through this crisis too. Still, other people point to the lower wages in the foodservice industry as a whole. 

Yet, it’s not just food service jobs sitting unfilled: businesses far and wide have reduced capacity as they struggle to fill otherwise sought after roles in their remote “offices”. And across the board, these enterprising organizations are rolling out a variety of creative solutions to attract new employees beyond posting on crowded job boards and increasing wages. The good news here is that the shortage of labor is driving up compensation rates for hourly staff especially, which is great for society and, in the long run, for employee retention. 

We say all this not to cry foul, but rather to be transparent. While restaurants all over Vermont and beyond are working hard to staff up, guests are returning quicker than the employees. We’re all psyched to get back into the flow of busy brunches and lunches and welcome y’all back in full form. While a Tesla may have a button for “ludicrous mode”, going zero to 60 in a restaurant takes a bit longer, especially in this hiring environment.  

Until we are fully staffed up, we can’t quite open for all the hours and all the seating that you’ve come to expect from us. Our Burlington waterfront location is closed one day a week out of care for our staff and to provide quality guest service for all your crepe lovers. With additional staff, our Downtown Stowe location will stay open into the dinner hours (soon!). Additionally, many of our patios missed out on the early spring as we didn’t have enough hands on deck to invite the swell of outdoor dining. This is all due to staffing shortages. And while that’s not ideal, our priority is to do whatever we can well, and staffed accordingly, as opposed to inviting more than we can handle and letting folks down. 

In the meantime, if a server looks to be on their first day, or takeout orders aren’t available on our busiest nights, please be understanding. Foodservice is all about the people and it takes time to hire and train right in the best of circumstances, let alone emerging from the first pandemic in a 100 years. 

AND!!! If you love the Skinny Pancake and want to see us open more, please spread the word: We’re looking for teammates to join our mission to change the world with safe, healthy, delicious, fun food. If you or someone you know wants to join a quality team offering safe, reliable, competitively compensated work, please reach out to us at jobs@skinnypancake. Burlington, BTV, Montpelier, Stowe, Quechee – wherever you want to join the Skinny – there’s likely a gig for you. 

Take care, y’all.

-Benjy Pancake

This Week in Pancakia

Taco Crepe

IDK about you, but for some reason, the refreshingly warm air of the month of May just screams “tacos” and “outdoor bevys”. 

That’s why when our Montpelier Kitchen Staff saw the special ingredients they were set to use this round, they saw the opportunity to answer this call for “Summer”. Taco chance on this crepe taco.

Patio Season, Oh Patio Season

You might’ve noticed this weekend we opened up a few more patios for outdoor dining. 

While Montpelier has been serving the hardiest of Vermonters outdoors through the brief “second winter” we had a few weeks ago, Quechee and Downtown Stowe wanted to hold off until Spring seemed here to stay. 

Quechee has a canopy tent to ensure you are not exposing yourselves to too much sun, and Downtown Stowe has an awning with the same idea in mind, keeping our outdoor diners comfortably eating their outdoor crepes. 

Our Burlington Waterfront location will be hopping on this trend soon enough – stay tuned!


Interested in learning how to grow your own food? 

ShiftMeals is providing BIPOC community members and restaurant workers with the opportunity to learn to garden for FREE! This is your chance to get fresh produce, learn how to tend the land, as well as strengthen your connection to the food system and your community.

Learn more by following along on the ShiftMeals Instagram, or by clicking the link below.

Downtown Stowe Specials

Life’s all about balance. While Downtown Stowe has two dressed-up french fries on special (and they’re great), they also have a beautifully built salad for when you aren’t looking to fill your gut with delicious fried potatoes. 

Presenting: Dressed Like a Salad. 

Mixed local greens tossed with our house-made tarragon vinaigrette dressing, and topped with marinated zucchini, beets, plum tomatoes, maple roasted walnuts, and goat cheese. 

This salad is as tasty as it is beautiful. Seriously, that tarragon dressing is a masterstroke that will appeal to even the most salad averse among us. 

April Showers Bring….

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