The Skinny: Michael, Bill, Balloons, and Bonuses, Oh My

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Michael here, Director of Marketing. Hi!⁠⁠ 

I recently shared the below post on our social media channels. Y’all seemed to like my story – thanks, that means a lot. And believe it or not, we got a few extra folks looking for a dishwasher gig – all right!

We’re sharing this story again below, just in case you missed it, but also with this little preamble: This isn’t a story about personal, professional success or “starting from the bottom now we’re here”. Way back in 2007, I didn’t know what a Director of Marketing did and certainly didn’t aspire to be one. For me, this is a story about finding a place to work that will pay you for your time, respect your personal life, and give you an opportunity if you want one – or in my case, before you know you want one. 

Maybe that workplace for you is in the restaurant industry. Maybe it’s at The Skinny Pancake. Maybe it isn’t – and that’s okay. But I think we could always use a reminder that restaurant work is meaningful work, and that meaning goes beyond the job you take in the dish pit, on the line, or in the front of the house. For me, that’s what this story is about:

We’re hiring. Seriously. Everything from managers to dishwashers. Now, most people don’t want to be dishwashers, and that’s okay, but we thought we’d tell you about our first ever dishwasher over 15 long years ago…⁠⁠

⁠It was me. ⁠⁠

That’s Me at Gathering of Vibes Festival in 2009

I’ve been with the ‘Cake since my friend and roommate got a job as line cook the summer the Skinny opened on the BTV Waterfront back in 2006. He got tired of doing the dishes and talked me into getting off the couch and applying to be a dishwasher. He sold me by telling me I could bring a speaker and listen to live Phish in the dish pit.⁠⁠

⁠When I started I was 19 – now I’m in my 30s, so my life has changed a lot and so has the world of Pancakia. Each transition dovetailed with where we both were at. I went from a kid in the dish pit, to a party guy on the festival tour, to Cart Manager (among other things). I then left for 4 months and returned as we opened the Chubby Muffin, so I decided to be a barista for a bit before heading to NYC in 2012, and when I returned in 2014, The Skinny Pancake needed a Marketing Coordinator. I took that job on a 3-month interim basis and now here we are 7 years later.⁠⁠

⁠People are dynamic creatures with interests that grow and change. It’s rare when a workplace can accommodate that, but The Skinny Pancake does. If you’ve got a hankering to learn about this or that, or want to work your way up the ranks, you can do that here.⁠⁠

⁠A decade and a half later, I’m still here, helping spread the word of Pancakia while still making a point to spread the batter and spin a crepe from time to time. There is an unparalleled joy in giving someone something they’ve never had before. The world needs more of that joy, and sometimes that joy comes in the form of a crepe.⁠⁠

So, yeah. We’re hiring. And we have roles for any phase of life you’re in right now, as well as the next one, and the one after that. If you or someone you know is looking for a gig to learn and grow from, let’s chat -> [email protected]

This Week in Pancakia

Quechee Balloon Fest

Don’t get us wrong. We love a good ragin’ music festival with a partying crowed, late night sets, and PG-13 ratings. But, we also love ourselves some good clean fun in our summer festival season. And nothing says good clean fun like hot air balloons. So this weekend you can find us at the Quechee Balloon Festival!

We LOVE the Quechee Balloon Fest. This magical balloon gathering takes place every year at the Quechee Village Green down by our (current) southern-most Skinny P. So much so that we’ve been vending at it for over a decade, save for last year’s COVID hiccup. 

Date change and all, this year is no different as our Festie Crew will be armed and ready with crepes of all kinds through the weekend. 

If you’re into balloons, or aren’t quite ready to admit you are (trust us, you are), swing on by the Quechee village and say hey to our crepe crew.

ShiftMeals and VT Everyone Eats!

Since September 2020 our ShiftMeals hubs working in Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle, Washington, Lamoille, and Orange counties have:

Partnered with 38 Vermont Restaurants

Served 458,034 Meals

Invested $4,580,340 back into our local economy 

While we are invigorated and inspired by the successes of Vermont Everyone Eats, we recognize that the work isn’t over yet. Our goal has shifted to help create a new norm for how our communities respond to help those in need. We hope that this approach will be beneficial for years to come

 There is marked support and need for programs like VEE to continue. Participating restaurants cite short and long term economic relief, income to provide community meals, and opportunities to connect with community organizations, as areas we should continue supporting. 

We look forward to continuing to boost our local food system, food security and economy through September 30th with this incredible community, and encourage you to do the same!

Another Hours Update! 

It’s been a long time since we’ve felt appropriate using the phrase “business as usual”. For us, and many many other restaurants, this week is no different.  As we continue to adjust to staffing shortages, super-busy shifts, and of course, the pandemic, our operating hours will continue to be reduced this week.

That being said, we are doing our best to be open while also keeping the quality of your food and service up to our expectations. So, if you’re bummed we’re out of this or that, or seem short staffed, or you show up and we’re closed – please understand we’re trying hard to get back to “normal.”

Here are the hours for the next week, keep an eye on our social media for other updates as they come.

Burlington Waterfront:

Mon-Tues: 8am-3pm

Wed-Thurs: Closed

Fri-Sun: 8am-3pm


Mon-Fri: 8am-3pm Take out only

Sat-Sun: 8am-3pm Dine-in

Downtown Stowe:

Mon: 8am-4pm

Tues-Wed: Closed

Thurs-Sun: 8am-9pm


Mon-Sun: 8am-8pm

Spruce Peak:

Fri: 11am-3pm Take out only

Sat-Sun: 8am-3pm Take out only

Looking For Work This Month? We’ve Got the Bonus For You!

Due to the high demand of restaurant staff in this era, we will be offering a sign on bonus for full-time hires made during the month of September

Here are the deetz: 

Managers (Kitchen Manager, Restuarant Managers, etc) $1500

BOH positions (cooks + dishwashers) 


FOH positions (servers, baristas, hosts) 


These bonuses are on top of what we already offer all employees: competitive compensation ($15/hr and up), benefits (health, dental, 401k), employee meals and discounts, as well as quality of life perks. This hiring bonus is just the powdered sugar on the total crepe package we typically provide.

Join us! We’d love to have you!

Meet Bill!

Stoked about the Skinny opening in Albany, NY? Yep, so are we and so is Bill here. Bill’s going to be our General Manager of the Albany location, so we figured we’d let you get to know him a bit:

Bill first heard of The Skinny when he and his friends came to Burlington to see Twiddle and moe. at the Waterfront. Upon the start of our search for the perfect GM for Albany, Bill saw our post and quickly fell into the rabbit hole of Pancakia reading our blogs, your reviews, and extensively digging through our website to see what the ‘Cake is all about. Throughout his research, Bill found more and more that he felt our interests aligned and so he applied!⁠⁠


Currently, Bill is working hard to help recruit new members to the Skinny P Albany team, getting out into the local food scene, and learning more about the Capital Region’s vendors and distributors. ⁠⁠


Bill’s favorite part of his job so far is that The Skinny Pancake is not just a restaurant, going on to say “It’s a whole community! From partnerships with local farms and community gardens to the Festival/Events Squad and their role in developing ShiftMeals and Vermont Everyone Eats during the thick of COVID, The Skinny Pancake is making an impact, and I love that I’m part of it!”⁠⁠


Being from Amsterdam, NY, Bill is looking forward to bringing that “Eat Local” vision, and crepes to Albany and the surrounding area. Why should you consider joining Bill in Albany? Because we’re “gonna rock this town! Today Albany, Tomorrow the World – one crepe at a time! But really…this is a workforce you can feel good about. Fresh and healthy food that contributes to and positively impacts the local economy, and community. We’re not just serving crepes, we’re serving local produce, dairy, proteins, and beverages.” ⁠⁠


Thank you Bill for all of your work in opening our Albany location! November is coming up FAST!! ⁠⁠


Stay tuned for the latest happenings both on Instagram and on our Albany Facebook!

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