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Howdy Folks,

Thunderstorms, heat waves, and chilly evening breezes. We’ve seen it all at this point and we’re just a couple weeks into Summer.

Summer in Vermont is something special. If you live here, you know that. If you don’t live here, the traffic jams we’ve been seeing in Stowe and Burlington would indicate y’all are visiting in droves.

In the past we’ve taken to calling this time of year, “crepe season” because of the truism that crepes taste better outside. While you’ll find our crepe cart on the streets of the Church Street Marketplace all summer, our festival touring season is a little more scattered this year, leaving crepe lovers across the land fewer opportunities to experience the deliciousness of a crepe out in nature.

But, not to worry, we’ve still found a way to provide the joyful experience of the outdoor crepe from the comfort of a Skinny Pancake near you: just pair up your crepe experience with a little dose of nature. While you’re grabbing a taste of VT eats, you might as well check out some of our favorite spots across the regions of Pancakia too. Here are just a few:

Burlington: If you’ve tried to park anywhere near our Burlington restaurant these days, you may have noticed the Waterfront bike bath is busy busy…and with good reason. But there are still some opportunities to grab a little solitude along Lake Champlain. Rent a canoe or kayak from the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center and watch the crowds off-shore, or BYOBoatcraft so you can stop for swim breaks along the less frequented shore fronts.

Montpelier: Montpelier’s central location that makes it an ideal state capital, also makes it an ideal launching point for summertime recreational adventures. Within city limits, both Hubbard and North Branch Parks offer great all-season trail access. For the slightly more ambitious, launching a day-long gravel bike tour from the Capital City is an awesome way to experience Vermont back roads. VSECU’s Point to Point will get you out there while raising money for our friends at the Vermont Food Bank.

Stowe: It’s hard to think of summer in Stowe these days without thinking of Mountain Biking. Thanks to organizations like Stowe Trails Partnership, MTBing has increasingly been making Stowe’s summers nearly as busy as their winters. Take one rip on trails like Cady Hill or Cotton Brook and you’ll understand why. But if you’d rather be human-powered rather than pedal-powered, Stowe/Waterbury offers an abundance of great hikes including the always approachable Stowe Pinnacle, and the slightly more ambitious Mount Hunger: which offers tremendous views of the whole region.

Quechee: We’ve never fact-checked this, but we were once told the Quechee Gorge is the second most visited tourist destination in the state of Vermont. While the throngs of people taking photos from the Route 4 bridge would support that, if you head down the State Park trails just off the road, you’ll get a much less crowded view of the gorge from the bottom up. On a hot day, the Ottauquechee River is as good a cool down spot as any. For 10 plus years, that’s where you’ll find our crepe spinners post-shift after a day working the Quechee Balloon Fest (It’s back, and we’re so ready for it!)

See ya out there!

-Benjy Pancake

This Week in Pancakia

Expanded Dinner Hours 

Downtown Stowe, Quechee and the Burlington Waterfront locations have all expanded their dinner hours to welcome you for drinks, crepes, burgers, dessert, and more, longer and later!

Downtown Stowe is now open 5 nights/week, Wednesday-Sunday 8am-9pm. 

Quechee is open Tuesday-Saturday 8am-8pm for both dine-in or to-go. 

The Burlington Waterfront is open 8am-9pm Sunday-Thursday with Friday and Saturday being open until 9:30pm. 

Is this “normal”? The “new normal”? We’re not quite sure what that means anymore, but we’re grateful to have the staff and ability to stay open a little longer and later for you all. 

Living Local- Merch Edition

Did quarantine inspire you to add a new pup to your household? Working from home made it easier for some folks to do so. 

Grab that pup a Skinny P collar so they can strut their stuff while you enjoy a crepe or two. 

Dog collars, “dad” hats, onesies, and more are available across Pancakia, or via the online store to be shipped to the crepe lover of your choice.⁠

Be like Maisy and love local while looking like you do. ⁠

Introducing… the K-POP!

Crepes go through name changes, and this one here is the crepe creation formerly known as “The Bbo Bbo”. For some reason, that name never really felt right, but K-POP certainly does!⁠

A Korean BBQ-inspired crepe, the K-POP is made with Black River Meats braised beef, kimchi from Sunja’s in Waterbury, and creamy Korean BBQ sauce. Served in a scallion crepe, with a side of cilantro-lime sour cream and local greens, you’ll find this one exclusively at the Downtown Stowe ‘Cake (for now). ??⁠ ⁠

By fall, the K-POP will join the menu squads across Pancakia.⁠

Sunday Brunch All Day

Since last fall, Pancakia has been cutting our Sundays a bit short. That’s put some of you in the unenviable position of not being able to experience Brunch All Day on the day that put brunch on the map.

We’re sorry ?

Now that summer is in full swing, and there’s music and nightlife to keep folks out past 10pm and in bed past noon, we’re happy to be staying open past 3pm in Burlington, Downtown Stowe, and Montpelier.

Because no one should ever have flashbacks to being too hungover to make their dining hall breakfast. 

ShiftMeals’ GrowTeams are back in action!

Planting season is here- follow along with their progress on Instagram @Shift_Meals

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