They call weather like this a once in a 1000 years event.⁠

Skinny Pancake
Main Street in Montpelier at 10am on July 12th.

Our location in Montpelier was right in the center of it all, with water at least waist-deep on Main Street, covering our patio and even into the restaurant. We aren’t a ground-floor storefront – the idea of it flooding was unfathomable before this week.⁠

Luckily, our restaurant didn’t sustain as much damage as we initially thought. Our team was able to get in there and get it back up to working order as quickly as safety, time, and state mandates allowed. We were awe-struck by the commitment of our team to get right back to it and we are grateful to be able to open our doors again.⁠

We also recognize that not everyone is as lucky as we are. Communities, businesses, and individuals in Montpelier and across the state are still struggling. With that in mind, we want to be back and open for everyone who needs a meal. That means if you’re experiencing food insecurity, we invite you to “pay what you will”. If you’re in the area, and can safely navigate to our restaurant in downtown Montpelier, we’re here for you.⁠

Stay strong y’all. As we’re always reminded in times like these, it’s the community we’re in business for and we’re grateful to be able to operate every day we can.⁠

To anyone interested in supporting our community in this time of need- please consider donating to the NOFA-VT Farmer Emergency Fund. Many farms in our foodshed have been hard hit by this flood and will need significant economic support to get back on their feet.

*While the City of Montpelier is under a boil water advisory, we have the proper procedures in place to be able to operate safely for both our guests and staff.

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