Update From Vermont

Last week, Vermont was underwater. This week, even with storms continuing, businesses and individuals are starting to clean up and assess the damage. 

We were one of the lucky ones, but many of our friends and community members are suffering tremendous losses. Farmers have lost an entire season of crops. Downtown businesses have lost millions of dollars in inventory. Vermonters have been displaced from their homes and are unsure how to feed their families.

We’ve been contacted by many individuals both in and out of Vermont asking how they can help. If you’re willing and able to give, please consider a direct donation to one of the following funds:

Want to support businesses?

Check out the Montpelier Foundation’s Montpelier Strong Recovery Fund

Established to provide direct relief to Downtown Montpelier businesses. Downtown Montpelier was entirely flooded leaving these businesses with severe revenue and inventory losses, in addition to a reduction in tourist traffic. They’ll all need our support to get back on their feet!

Want to support farmers?

Intervale Center Recovery Fund

The Intervale Center is the lifeblood of Burlington’s local food scene – providing resources to strengthen Burlington’s farmers. The floods covered the farmland within the Intervale, causing crop loss to many of its farms. If there’s a specific farm you usually support, it’s always happy to donate directly as well!

Want to support food security?

Donate to Capstone Community Action.

Capstone is a tremendous organization based in Central Vermont. Montpelier and Barre, the “twin cities” of Central Vermont, were one of the hardest hit regions from last week’s storms. Capstone works to provide individual Vermonters with economic and food security. With many displaced individuals across the state, please help Capstone distribute essential resources. 

Want to support the resilience of our local food system long term?

NOFA-VT’s Farmer Emergency Fund 

NOFA-VT does tremendous work year-round across our organic farming community. NOFA-VT provides its members with all kinds of support, especially during tough times. The Farmer Emergency Fund will bolster the resiliency of Vermont farmers, not just for this emergency, but the next one, and the one after that, too. 

Our Skinny Pancake community includes our farmers and suppliers, staff, and guests. Working together strengthens our ability to weather these storms. If you have help to lend, please do.

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