Darlingside at Chandler: A Perfect Winter’s Evening



There are some things that just get better in the winter: Hot toddies, Cinnamon Sticks, Credit Cards, Law & Order: SVU. But here at the Local Music Corner, chief among all the things that winter accentuates is the magic of group vocal harmonies. Much like the spike in people listening to “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” I’m willing to bet there’s a similar increase in Simon & Garfunkel plays as soon as the winter months strike. For a more contemporary example, the genetically perfected vocals of Oregon sisters Joseph are a perfect accompaniment to a chilly December night (seriously, check those ladies out).

You know what else is great in winter? Old classic theaters. Take Chandler Center for the Arts in Randolph, for example: now that’s a pretty room. And as luck would have it, this Friday, you can enjoy BOTH group harmonies AND a beautiful theater as the band Darlingside comes to Chandler! Inexplicably, there are still tickets available. It’s a winter miracle!!!

Hailing from Massachusetts after first meeting at Williams College, Darlingside is a group of 4 fellows, who with close harmonies and varying degrees of scruffiness immediately invite comparisons to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with a more contemporary feel. They’ve been featured on NPR, in Newsweek, and imy personal favorite, they were profiled eating cookies in the New Yorker. And all this press is justified, these dudes are awesome.

Opening up for the quartet is a New York City native turned Montpelier resident who has some serious chops of his own: Kris Gruen. All in all, Friday at Chandler is going to be a perfect winter evening for those willing to drive up 89.

Now that we’ve covered the immediate future, I feel that now would be as good a time as any to give the quick rundown of the hot New Year’s Eve shows happening around the Upper Valley. The Shana Stack Band is at the Fireside Inn in Lebanon for a line dancing celebration, The Strangled Darlingsare at the Skinny Pancake Hanover, and the Conniption Fits are at Salt Hill Lebanon. More to come on those and more after the Christmas Holiday.

In the meantime, bundle up and listen to some pretty harmonies.

Lots of good music happening across the Upper Valley this week so be sure to give a listen wherever you are. Which shows are YOU most looking forward to this week?