Meal Delivery

We understand social distancing will impact food security and availability. We want to help bring local, nourishing food directly to you and yours. We hope to extend this service to anyone experiencing food anxiety during this time, or anyone looking to support our team during a period when people are dining out less. 


These meals will be prepared at our production kitchen that is safe, sanitary and not open to the public.


These packages include 3 meals, serving 2 people, delivered to your door. Delivered ready to heat (with instructions!) to fit your schedule. Frozen options can be kept and used when needed, stock up for whenever the meals are needed.


Deliveries available Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting Wednesday, March 18th. 

Free delivery inside Chittenden county! 


Option 1: Salad & Entree (pick 3 of each) – $75  

Option 2: Entree only (pick 3 options) – $60 


Meal Delivery

  • Choose Just Entrees ($60) or Entrees with Salad ($75)
  • Pick 3 Salads or if Just Entrees, select "no salads"
  • Pick 3 Options
  • Choose an add on if Mac and Cheese was a selected entree