Our Service Style

The Skinny Pancake has a unique service style designed to maximize your COMFORT and CONVENIENCE that we call “Comfort Casual.” You’ve heard of full-service (waiters and waitresses coming to your table), you’ve heard of fast-casual (quick and mostly DIY), we’re a third way. Here’s the scoop:

When you arrive, a host will help to get you oriented and sat. You can then order directly from your phone at your table or pop over to our order counter and chat with a member of the team. Our food is served on quality dishware, not disposables or plastic baskets. We will bring that food, napkins, condiments, and silverware right out to you, and then we’ll bus your table when the meal ends.

If you’re looking to order more, feel free to pop another order in via your phone, or hop on up to that friendly counter person. When you’re done with your meal, you don’t need to wait for that check to drop and your credit card to be processed. You’re free and clear to get up as you please.


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