Enjoy the Best Live Music in Burlington VT at Skinny Pancake

Imagine yourself dining al fresco in the heart of a charming Vermont town as the sound of bluegrass music floats on the breeze. You are sipping a refreshing beverage, soaking up the sunshine and delighting in sweet and savory crepes with your favorite people. You are completely present, and devouring every moment.

This is what every Sunday is like at the Skinny Pancake Burlington, where the Bluegrass Brunch is becoming the best place to enjoy live music Burlington Vermont.

Where to Find Restaurants With Live Music Near Me

There is something special about live music and the way it can liven up any space, particularly a restaurant. If you and your friends are in the mood for live music and dancing, then you may find yourself searching for restaurants with live music near me.

Throughout Burlington, there are several restaurants that offer live music, but few that will give you the sounds and melodies of bluegrass music as you dine on a mouthwatering brunch. Rather than the bars and pubs that bring in cover bands and acoustic singers for their evening hours, the Skinny Pancake Burlington gives you the treat of live music during everyone’s favorite meal — Sunday brunch.

Enjoying Live Music Burlington VT

Burlington Vermont has long been known for its live music scene, with locals and visitors alike preferring restaurants, bars and other locales that host bands and musicians throughout the week. Whether you are in search of soft rock sounds on a summer evening or bluegrass music on a Sunday afternoon, you will find that Burlington VT is always buzzing with the sounds of live music. Many of the live musicians who play in Burlington are locals who simply love sharing their passion for music with the fans from near and far who happen to be in the city.

Discover the Bluegrass Brunch at Skinny Pancake Burlington

While there is plenty of live music Burlington VT to choose from, there’s nothing quite as spectacular as the Bluegrass Brunch at the Skinny Pancake Burlington. The Bluegrass Brunch is a weekly event at the Skinny Pancake, and guests can enjoy live music every Sunday beginning at 12 p.m. The Bluegrass Brunch is free to attend, but you won’t want to miss out on the chance to enjoy the sweet and savory crepes that have made this local Burlington VT restaurant famous. While dining on the outdoor patio, you will be able to enjoy waterfront views and the twangy sounds of bluegrass music, making this one of the best places to cap off the weekend in Burlington.

Indulge in Outdoor Dining Burlington VT

All day long throughout the warm weather months, you can delight in outdoor dining at the Skinny Pancake Burlington. Our waterfront location is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a spectacular meal with your friends and family. Not only do we have tables and umbrellas on the patio, but we also have incorporated several lounge-style seating options, which are a favorite among those who arrive just in time to enjoy our famous Bluegrass Brunch with live music every Sunday.

The Skinny Pancake Menu: Breakfast All Day, Best Crepes in Town

No matter when you decide to stop by the Skinny Pancake Burlington, you will find that this local gem has one of the best menus in the city. We serve breakfast all day, and we are particularly well-known for our crepes, but you will also discover an array of sandwiches, burgers, salads and sides on the menu. All of our menu items are crafted with fresh, Vermont flavors in mind, so you will find Vermont cheeses, blueberries and more intertwined in many of our selections. Of course, you can also enjoy beer, wine and cocktails. While the Bluegrass Brunch featuring live music every Sunday has become a local tradition of sorts, you can come dine at the Skinny Pancake seven days per week.

Find Patio Restaurants With Music Near Me Today

Outdoor dining Burlington VT is incredibly popular, but it’s a bit harder to find patio restaurants with music near me. When you are searching for the perfect dining spot that offers a delectable menu, an unbeatable atmosphere, outdoor dining and live music, you will find that only the Skinny Pancake Burlington VT fits the bill.

Come enjoy the best live music Burlington Vermont during our Bluegrass Brunch. With live music every Sunday on our inviting patio, you will find that this event will become a weekly tradition for you and your family.

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