The Skinny: Live music; Berries both Blue and Straw; Albany!

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Dearest friends of Pancakia,

My goodness, this bob and weave through the pandemic and its aftershocks is an ongoing journey. We have ‘normalized’ into the abnormal, mask-wearing world through last summer, winter and spring. With social distancing required in our kitchens, we were forced to reduce our menu substantially as the kitchen couldn’t safely fit as many cooks as before. Given the acutely modest sales, this worked out anyway, as we couldn’t justify the staffing levels we’d had before.

As we have emerged from restrictions, we expected a pop in sales and diligently ramped up on hiring. But, like…uh…WOW…y’all are PSYCHED for crepes. It’s not just us, though – folks all over these Green Mountains are cuckoo for cocoa puffs at just about any restaurant worth it’s salt. Like so many of our friends in food, we are experiencing record-breaking sales this summer. And generally, this is a very good thing. On the other hand…

As you may have heard or read, hiring–especially in our industry–has been very challenging. Nonetheless, we managed to succeed in getting just enough staff to run our operations seven days a week. We are accustomed to the process of hiring and training a large number of new staff in anticipation of each summer, but the dilution of new staff to a tenured team is unprecedented. Our “core team” at the Burlington Waterfront location has hired 3 new staff for everyone experienced employee. 

“Constant steady pressure” is very necessary in the restaurant biz…we are diligently working with this relatively fresh team to ramp them up. I‘m pleased to report that this newest round of Crepe Artists may be a bit new to the game, but they are consistently good people with good morale and they appear to be picking it up even as we absorb some growing pains. In many cases, some of the kindest, hardest working, most loyal members of Pancakia are those that come to us new to the world of food service. But like anything else, training does take some time.

Thank you all for coming out in force this summer. It is awesome to see and feel the return of community and culture. We built our restaurants to be busy. When you’re enjoying that atmosphere, please take a moment to appreciate the managers hustling on the floor. In so many cases, these are the champions who shouldered the burden of running operations through the heart of the pandemic and as we emerge from it. These are the folks that have hired and trained all these new employees and then continued on to hustle to support them as this demand spiked, then coached, coached, and then coached some more. Most importantly, please remember and respect that these are human beings. Like for so many of us, this last year was not just another walk in the crepe park and they’ve done their best day in and day out to fill the bellies of all the ‘cake hungry out there.

So this note goes out to all the managers on duty, kitchen supervisors, kitchen managers, general managers, and leaders on the floor by whatever title you bear out there: THANK YOU. We hope you all appreciate their good work as much as we do.

-Benjy Pancake

This Week in Pancakia

Strawberries are here- most of the time…

Seasonal strawberries are special. And they should be treated that way.

Out of season, sure they’re all right, but years ago we made the decision to only celebrate the strawberry when in season. That way we can assure quality, freshness, and that the berries were grown sustainably.?

Strawberries and Nutella have always been a match made in crepe heaven. In the history of The Pancake, we’ve probably served that Lovemaker crepe as much as any other. We’re proud that this crepe has evolved over the years and the Lovemaker is now made with in-season strawberries and a palm oil-free chocolate hazelnut spread. Better for the earth and better for the body.

We’ll be offering fresh local and regional strawberries in our Lovemaker and Heartbreaker crepes for as long as they last. Let’s celebrate the season.

Albany- We’re Hiring!

It’s scary to think that we are just over a week out from August… scary?. Where did the time and summer go?!

That being said, as we quickly approach fall, we are also fastly approaching the opening of the newest member of The ‘Cake fam: Albany! 

It’s officially hiring season for Albany and we do have openings for those looking to join the team in the Capital Region.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining The Skinny Pancake team in Albany (or elsewhere), please send an email to [email protected] and we would love to see where you might fit in. 

P.S.- If you join our team, you get to try all of the yummy food you see on our Instagram, among other perks?

Music is Back!

If you missed Downtown Stowe’s live music last night, don’t fret! Live music is available all weekend long across Pancakia with no end in sight this summer.

Tune in weekly for music at our Burlington Waterfront, Montpelier, Quechee, and Downtown Stowe locations with different musicians joining us along the way for our Summer Music Series.

This weekend’s schedule includes:

7/23 5-7pm

Bow Thayer at Quechee

7/24 1-3pm

Ben Slotnick at Montpelier

7/25 1-3pm

Remember Baker at our Burlington Waterfront location

Stay up to date on the latest music happenings on your local Skinny’s Facebook and on our Instagram where we will announce new events as we book them!

An Ode to Apples and Brie

Apples and Brie, we love you. And it seems our Pancakia fans do too. But sometimes, it feels like we aren’t giving the blueberry compote in the “Apples and Brie” crepe enough credit. 

Local Blueberry Compote, made with Sweet Roots Farm berries, in with local apples and brie makes for a beautifully balanced savory crepe, that just so happens to be a little sweet too. 

Give it a try, and tell us if we’re wrong. But seriously, this crepe wouldn’t be nearly as delicious without that blueberry in there. Trust us.

Apples and Brie is now available Pancakia-wide ?

Fresh bundle of Jacob’s Cattle beans from Vermont Bean Crafters!

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